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Post by crow-feet on Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:37 pm

hey guys im calling all tech heads here, the ball and chain is looking for a new laptop. shes in animation like myself and im sadly a mac lafd, which arent worth it hownever..

right the budget is 1500 euro can you guys give some advice on the sturdiest laptop with good graphics card and processing power, we need to use premier pro and after effects, maya and 3dstudio max too so it would need to be powerful.

so could you guys link me some laptops or give some opinions on good machines please? Smile
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a new laptop Empty Re: a new laptop

Post by TheLaw on Wed Jun 29, 2011 9:30 am

You wont get anything as powerful as you need in any of the mainstream shops - pcworld, harvey normans etc.
Take a look at what alienware or high end dell have to offer. Decide on a spec and then chase down other small niche laptop resellers or sites like elara.

If you know of anyone who has their own business and you can use their VAT number, you could try the likes of CCLonline or scan, due to you producing a valid vat number allows you to be exempt of vat in any other EU country , whch offsets the sterling exchange making them very attractive moneywise.

With €1500 you can pick up a very powerful lapper
I have bought laptops from all of the sites below and have not had any issues with any of them - Just quadruple check every detail in the order before you press buy - incluing keyboard layout Razz
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